Blåster´s perspective is deeply rooted in the long-lasting mentality in Western Norway where you mend things if they are broken, you learn to save up for the things you want, and where articles for daily use are meant to be functional. Taking good care of your things means they will last longer – and this applies not only to the products and the design, but also to our relationship with friends, family, and the Blåster customers.


For all of our leather products we use genuine, top grade leather to maintain the best quality over time. The leather has been treated with a water wax and then dip dyed. This is an art rarely applied these days as it is very time consuming and tricky. But the result speaks for itself, as it leaves a truly unique and whole colour.

Stitching and thread
All stitching is done with nylon thread to ensure strength and durability of the products. Nylon is strong and elastic, and will adapt to any natural shapes in the leather over time without losing its strength. The more exposed parts of the bag have double or triple seams for extra reinforcement.

The hardware is all made from strong zinc alloy. Zinc die-cast pieces have a lower breaking point than steel wire or stamped items and offer excellent corrosion properties. The hardware is chosen especially for its durability and to withstand sudden shock.

How to treat your leather products
All leather should be cared for to prevent it feeling or looking dry. As our leather is not oil waxed, you should avoid the use of any oil based wax for maintenance. We recommend spraying the surface or rubbing in an appropriate amount of wax with a sponge before carefully wiping off any surplus wax with a dry and clean cloth. This should be done regularly to maintain the leather’s superb quality.

Test the product on a small, inconspicuous area the first time to check how the wax changes the colour. Please note that waxing the leather might make it softer. If the leather gets dirty or stained, try cleaning it gently with a moist sponge and a mild soap. The Blåster bags are made to last, but they will need some love and care along the way. 


All our canvas products are made of 100 % cotton 16oz heavy duty canvas. The canvas is made water-resistant through hours of soaking in an environmental-friendly solution before drying. This process ensures the canvas will not lose its water-resistant properties.

Strong, durable cotton canvas
Cotton canvas is an extremely durable plain-woven fabric with a long history of use due to its desirable properties. Because of its strength, it has traditionally been used as material for sails. The name “Blåster” means “strong wind” and the windswept coast of Western Norway, where we are located, can trace its shipping history all the way back to the Viking Age. From the 18th century until the mid 20th century, Norway had one of the world’s largest fleets, and cotton canvas was the number one choice for the ships journeying all over the world. Therefore, canvas was also a natural choice for us.

Mercerised, waterproof canvas bags
Our canvas is 16oz heavy duty cotton canvas. It is mercerised, a process which does not only create a lustre and more solid colour, but also increases the strength, smoothness, and resistance to mildew, while also reducing the occurrence of lint. The fabric has been dyed three times to give it a deep, penetrating colour. We only use environmentally-friendly PFOA free colouring agents. After the colouring process, the fabric is soaked in an environmentally-friendly solution for several hours, providing a lasting waterproof property. All these elements combined result in a strong, durable, and beautiful bag that will last for a long time.   

How to look after your canvas bag
Cotton canvas is an inherently strong material and like any cotton fabric it may fade or change colour over time, developing a unique look.

To slow down any colour change, especially from exposure to sunlight, you may apply a product meant specifically for the treatment of cotton products. For the removal of dirt, we recommend a moist sponge and some mild soap. Do not rub too hard as this may cause staining. Please note that friction, sweat, or water may cause cotton colour to come off onto light-coloured clothing. Taking proper care of your bag means you will have a life-long companion.


We adhere to very strict criteria in the selection of partners to make our designs come to life. We tested and visited several manufacturers in Europe and Asia before landing on a highly skilled and well run factory in Southeast China. Of all the factories we visited, this one proved to have the highest level of expertise.

The factory has been audited by an independent agency concerning social responsibility, quality control, and skill. They obtained an overall score of 91 %, equalling very high performance, and a 100 % score for environment.

At Blaster, we believe in working in line with our values and with full transparency. We will gladly share the full audit report should this be of interest.